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Trip to Hampi [By car, from Chennai]

chennai to Hampi NH4

Long pending post! Most of you might have already read the post on ‘Hampi: beauty in ruins’ and ‘the other side of Tungabhadra‘. Three of us did this trip about a month back. This post is mostly about how we went, where we stayed and how many days we spent. So here it is. Will […]

Dinner at Mango Tree, Hampi

dinner at mango tree, hampi

It was a good time listening to their Indian experience and having the delicious dinner, in the lantern-lit beautiful place filled with stories and laughter from other tables too! If you are in Hampi and you want to have food that you want to fall in love with, you have try Mango Tree. Not just […]

The other side of Tungabhadra

There are two sides to a river, and Tungabhadra is no exception to the rule. If one side of the river is the holy city of Hampi, dotted with temples, the other side of the river can be called the “heathen” side, dotted with shacks, homestays and cafes. Influenced more by the hippie culture, this […]

Hampi: beauty in ruins

Hampi, in my dictionary, would mean “Beauty in ruins”. You could read that as the beauty (that once was) now in ruins, or, even the ruins of this erstwhile Vijayanagara empire are so breathtakingly beautiful. I love to visit historical places. Every stone I look at, makes me think of that one person, who would […]

Tweets from Chennai- Hampi – Chennai road trip

chennai to hampi, karnataka, India

All tweets during my Chennai to Hampi roadtrip in Skoda Rapid. Click on the links for photos. Tweet URLs/images in Tweet Date Time Last month, Rameswaram. Last week, Tranquebar. This weekend, Hampi! 🙂 woohoo!! #RTrip9 #travel #Hampi 🙂 10/18/2012 6:30:26 PM I have a feeling this Hampi trip, this weekend, is going to be a […]