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Fris-be yourself. Chennai Ultimate Frisbee.

I’m sure everyone knows what a frisbee is. We’ve all played it (throw and catch) when we were kids and that was it. I never thought or knew it was a sport and what an interesting sport it makes. I was at the Besant Nagar beach to meet friends on Saturday when I chanced upon […]

5 Long weekend trips from Chennai

There is a long weekend coming up (Sept 7, 8, 9) and here are a few places that I’ll recommend for you. If you love driving, all these places are definitely approachable by road and believe me, Tamil Nadu state highways are great. If you do not want to drive, take a train or bus(chances […]

Few seconds of being recognized

Something that I saw, on my way to work, was share-worthy, so here… I was on my way to work, in the Chennai sub-urban train. There are 7 stations between boarding and my disembarking. One of the most crowded stations is Mambalam station. One commonly observed behaviour is everyone is in a hurry, when they […]

An autowala with a heart

I take the share(d)-auto till the train station, on my way to work. For those who are not familiar with “share-auto”, this is a larger sized auto-rickshaw that is shared by a bunch of people, each user has to pay anywhere between Rs.7 to Rs.15, depending on the distance travelled in the auto. This one […]

Pichavaram Trip

If you are in Chennai and want to go on a trip for a weekend or a long weekend (say 3 days), Pichavaram + Pondicherryis a pretty good plan.Some facts about Pichavaram first: You should be prepared to spend 3 hours in a boat If you can’t swim and are afraid, don’t worry, the water […]