The 18 points letter and why no one replied… maybe!

I’m sure you heard about the 18-point letter by Arvind Kejriwal. The answer is FRIENDS – the series The whole thing going on about why many have not replied to Arvind Kejriwal’s 18-points and some even asking what is with 18 points – why so long??     Maybe the answer for both the questions […]

Duck Duck Go. Shoutout.

How many of you have heard of DuckDuckGo? Most of you wouldn’t have! It’s a search engine (you know… like Google, Bing et al.) I wanted to stop using Google some three months back and was looking at alternative Search Engines and I came across this. When I find something this good, I have to […]

Happiness – why is it so hard to attain?

Some days back, while driving to work, I heard a TED talk (broadcasted by NPR) on Success. Success, at the end, is being happy. A happy person is a successful person. That got me thinking. In life, one can be happy if at present one is happy and there is nothing one is afraid of […]

Nokia Lumia 520 video quality – impressive

I shot this video to test the video clarity of Nokia Lumia 520. I am impressed. This was shot during my drive to Banglore, I saw these raindrops moving up due to the wind hitting the windshield.   Nokia Lumia 520 full review here – cheers

Fris-be yourself. Chennai Ultimate Frisbee.

I’m sure everyone knows what a frisbee is. We’ve all played it (throw and catch) when we were kids and that was it. I never thought or knew it was a sport and what an interesting sport it makes. I was at the Besant Nagar beach to meet friends on Saturday when I chanced upon […]

Tipping Point

No, not the book. I’m talking about tipping, the point we make when we tip to whomever. Friends from US, when they come to India, tip 10% minimum. My logic in tipping is minimum Rs.10 and maximum of Rs.100. That is not the point of this post, the point is why do we tip. We, […]

Nokia Lumia Wallpapers

I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 some weeks back. I’ve already written a review about it here. This post is more about the Nokia Lumia wallapapers that you can apply on the lockscreen. I’ve been using my pics to create some of them and I love it. See below some of the Lumia wallpapers that […]

5 Long weekend trips from Chennai

There is a long weekend coming up (Sept 7, 8, 9) and here are a few places that I’ll recommend for you. If you love driving, all these places are definitely approachable by road and believe me, Tamil Nadu state highways are great. If you do not want to drive, take a train or bus(chances […]