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Being THAT guy!

If you have already read my posts on – “How to prove your “straightness” “…. and “Good Samaritan.. Not happy/gay at all!!“, you could come to a very wrong conclusion. Before you come to your own conclusion on what the “THAT” in the title refers to, I would like to tell you beforehand that, “that” […]

Going the extra mile… Not always good!

Me being the generous, kindhearted fellow, pushed my luck the other day. Pushed the “wrong” key in the all-in-one photocopy machine, if I may say so. Did the extra mile. As many of you know that my sister got married recently and flew off to the US. Being the “wedding helper”, I had to scan […]

Defining "Wedding helper"

From my previous blogs you would know by now that my sister’s marriage is fast approaching and since my brother is in another state, dad is not in town, I happen to be the only “available (or free)” guy (pun) in the house , I had to don that role. So, If there was a […]