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new blog spot

Hey guys and gals I’m movin…. Movin to see you there. I’ll have only one blog from now on so that it’s not tough for you to follow. 🙂In the categories section of the new place you can find what you need ( I mean the blog that you are looking for here) Sam

Christmas is all around! And so is love.

Christmas is all around. It is, but does everyone know the real meaning of Christmas? So I thought I should take up on my shoulders the burden to educate the masses. Its not about Santa Claus, gifts, trees and even holidays. Although, they are an important part of it , they are not the only […]

Two of a kind

“Sam, it seems Jay is interested in me. Please help me out. How do I tell jay to get off my back and leave me alone?” My friend, Neha, on the other end of the phone was pleading with me for help. I told my friend sincerely “just tell Jay that you are already seeing […]