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Big basket – product shoutout

I’m starting a new category of posts today, Brand Shoutouts, wherein I write about some of the products/services that I use and am impressed with, additionally I might mention a few improvement areas in the product/service. Let me begin this with one of my favourite Indian product/service It’s an online grocery store/supermarket. I’ve been using […]

LIC premium online payment [video]

Nowadays everything can be done online, especially payments of your LIC Premium, electricity bill etc. In this blog I will focus on how to pay LIC premium online. I have recorded a video for your convenience. I have also added screenshots and steps on how to do this. Here is the video tutorial on how […]

Why you should not buy Amazon Kindle

The shorter version: My friend had bought this device from UK. After two years of using Kindle, suddenly one day the power button stopped working. I mailed support, after three calls, got connected to someone from UK, after a 20 mins discussion she(Chris) said that I can get a another Kindle(for 63 pounds). After the […]

6 AM – silence breaks

A crow caws, a dog barks, a vessel falls, rattles, a biker honks, a twig breaks, milkman’s cycle bell, an alarm clock rings, a gate opens. All this I hear at 6 AM, the silence is broken, the sleep is lost. I type these words till I find it back.

India – Republic Day

Sigh!! I was no good in history class, I don’t exactly know what republic day is! But I do know that it was the day when constitution of India came into place (wikipedia). You know, the constitution, with laws and rules and rights and duties and stuff. I do know that it is related to […]

Music concert – you game?

Hey guys There’s a Music concert called “Breakfree ’09” ON 15th August, 5:00 PM ATThe NLAG basement,No.6 Anna SalaiLittle mountChennai Contact 9841079953 for free passes. I’m sure its gonna be fun. See you there! CheersSam Jayanth

"sibling-post-nuptial" syndrome

I already miss her.. my sister. She used to make the house so lively. Be it annoying my brother and me or fighting for the remote. She might not even wanna watch anything specific, still she will fight for the sake of it. 🙂 The “sibling-post-nuptial” syndrome – The syndrome that the family faces when […]

Banglore, anyone?!

Hey all I’m leaving for B’lore tomorrow morning, around 5’ish by car. I’m going alone which would be really boring. Anyone wants to join? Let me know. No need to fear, I’ve driven to B’lore 3 times before. Need any other details? Contact me ASAP. ThanksSam Jayanth

Wow! Tired and Happy

And the wedding is over I got two words… Exhausted and Happy In a marketer’s words : It was like a presentation that my brother (most of it) and me (some of it) put together and the presentation was today. I was a bit nervous, but with the help from 3 kind people, it went […]

Layoff is so real!

I’m not planning to make any humor post here. I never thought I’ll encounter anyone who had been just laid off. Since I never thought about that, I never knew what I will tell them. That encounter happened today. I’m in twitter. When I see someone tweet about our products, I let them know that […]