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Good sermon vs a sermon

Good sermon is when after the sermon, Pastor says ‘Let’s pray, please close your eyes’. Bad sermon is when after the sermon your neighbor says ‘open your eyes, the sermon is over’.    

Change is the only constant!

change is the only constant

First, hear out my excuse before reading the post. Excuse It’s been almost a month since I joined my new job and it keeps me so busy that I don’t have time to blog. Honestly I don’t even have time to think of something to blog. Why the excuse? Coz’ this post could have very […]

Internet – Circle of life

Before Internet: we asked friends about products before buying them Internet happened: went to the internet for a review. “wow, this is so neat! so much info” Internet after a while:  “offo, 5 people have spoken good about it and 2 have give horrible feedback, I can’t decide” OR “only 5 feedback” and then “let […]

Baby Shopping

No we did not go to shop for babies. We did… uff! How do I put this? We went shopping to buy some stuff for my friend’s niece and nephew. Him and I wanted to buy some toys and dresses for the baby. Even in babies, the guys are so simple to shop for, and […]

What’s a guy to do?!

It USED to be “Don’t ask a woman her age and a man, his pay” NOW, it’s “don’t ask a woman her age, weight, pay… list goes on”. No doubt guys have gone a lot quieter! 🙂


The only time the fan runs really fast is when it is not very hot. Because, when it’s not hot, people don’t switch on their AC’s and the voltage is higher. But who needs the fan to run so fast when its not very hot. Irony!!

Half full or half empty?!

“Are you a pessimist or an optimist” asked a friend to his friend. “Why do ask, out of the blue” the friend replied.“coz, I need to tell you something and wondering how to put it” said the first.“Come on, just tell me.” the other said and continued to say “okay, I’ll answer your question and […]


“They got him undressed, and said ‘dressing is not required’… He is undressed now and I’m taking him home, undressed!” – overheard at the hospital, friend informing someone about the patient’s wound dressing being removed. 🙂Sam Jayanth

Sliver of humor!

You know you have studied too much maths, when, after receiving a message from Airtel saying “Now enjoy special rates for your special 5!” , you wonder if they meant 5 factorial or was it just an exclamation mark!! 🙂Sam Jayanth