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Dude! Where is the party.. our party?!

It was my colleague’s one year old daughter’s birthday party at a party hall at a good hotel. So Jai (my colleague) invited me and the rest of the team, and of course lot of his realatives. I have seen his daughter before, she’s a lovely little girl. We will call her “S”*. I have […]

Good Samaritan.. Not happy/gay at all!!

It was a lovely day, being a Friday. I was happily looking forward to a wonderful uneventful weekend. Thought I’ll rest a bit, do some running around for the wedding and give out the invitation to my close pals. It was to be as simple (and boring) as that. But fate wouldn’t have any of […]


This happened some time back but couldn’t blog about it because of the elections. And I didn’t want anyone to think that I was propagating Captain Vijaykanth (of all the people!) :). My sister and me were watching Rambo II (for lack of any other good movie) and the “electric shock” scene came. I started […]

Status messages!!

This is collection of all status messages I could find in my gtalk friends list at one instant. My take on them! I’ve bolded the status message. – Invisible – Dude, putting that as a status message will not make you invisible, there’s an option to be invisible in “gtalk” – one has written some […]

Believe it or not!!

There’s a saying which goes something like this “A story has to be logical and rational, whereas ‘reality-stated’ needn’t be!” It’s very true in the following case: I was home alone and peacefully watching DLF IPL.. oops! IPL (Dam the marketing guys!! :)). And my mobile rang, the call was from a landline number, which […]

Love marriage or arranged marriage?!

Now that my sister’s wedding date is out and I’ve been telling everyone about it, invariably I hear one of the two sentences : “So,When is yours?”OR“Is it love marriage or arranged marriage” Both questions equally irritate me. Of the two, the first one is RELATIVELY reasonable, but the second one – Oh, COME ON! […]

Law of embarrassment!

Not been well for sometime. Couldn’t update the blog for a long time. Feels like eternity. And now that I feel better and able to blog,it feels like paradise. And thanks to two of my friends (I suppose I can call them that, my colleagues), I got something to write. So I was getting outta […]

TGIF! When this friday comes.

Yup, Thank God it’s Friday! This Friday I’m headed on a road trip to Dubare. Its going to be a three day trip and when I come back I hope to have a nice, funny encounter to blog on and keep you smiling The plan: Roadtrip – Obviouly, like the name suggests, we are going […]

The vintage TV…Sigh!

Go on and read it only if you want to feel the good old times.. The good old ads! This is strictly for all those who were born in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Njoi.. Humara Bajaj! Cadbury Ad – Asli swad zindagi ka!! Surabhi – I know this is not a […]