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Both read books, loved books. But loved each other more. Conversation was their love language. She liked to talk, he liked to listen. They were made for each other. One day she said “I want to know more and more of you”. “If I were a book, you would be in the chapter that says […]

My bad!! NOW.. TITLE IT!!

Never take the audience for granted. Last post I put up a pic. It was supposed to be funny, IF people had gotten what was wrong with the pic, say, for example SPELLING MISTAKE. Nevertheless, I thought people will know the spelling mistake and I even wanted to make it easier, so I drew an […]

Signs of a bad movie!

You know you are in for a bad movie when: 1. You enter the cinema, ask an usher “which hall is the movie playing at”and he replies “Is that movie playing here tonight?”!! 2. The usher almost laughs at you when you said the particular movie name. Finally, somehow you find the hall. 3. There […]

Hunger pangs..Thank God!

My good friend’s(guy) good friend’s(gal) birthday is coming up. We went around scouring the city for a good gift to buy for her. I was obviously tricked into going shopping with him. He called me and said that he wanted to grab dinner outside. With the swine flu holding the city hostage (dramatic :)), the […]

Going the extra mile… Not always good!

Me being the generous, kindhearted fellow, pushed my luck the other day. Pushed the “wrong” key in the all-in-one photocopy machine, if I may say so. Did the extra mile. As many of you know that my sister got married recently and flew off to the US. Being the “wedding helper”, I had to scan […]


“When you want something, the whole Universe conspires to help you realize your desire.” – Paulo Coelho Oh no, Mr.Coelho, I respectfully beg to DIFFER. My humble desire for TODAY (please note “today” in caps, other days I don’t have such humble desires) was a humble one, of course. I didn’t desire riches, didn’t want […]

Misconception #1

I was at a conference today. I’m not the person you might have wanted for public speaking some months back (refer:How not to Compere / be a MC), but I have learnt it now. And the following are the two things that an MC can do, other than the usual welcome speech and other rant: […]

The tourist wedding!

I had an experience of a “tourist wedding” today. Oh, I’m sorry, most(none) of you know the meaning of that. Before saying anything more, I’d like to acknowledge that the wedding was arranged in a very good manner, we (me and my friend) were in a hurry and so had to experience the “tourist wedding”. […]

What’s the limit?

You see a person. You recognize him and go on to start a conversation. Midway you realize that the guy has no (not a single) clue who you are. So the question is, when do you stop yourself from all the yapping, swallow down your ego and say “By the way, I’m Sam”. Or when […]