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Vivenda Kafe – The story behind it!

vivenda kafe

This post is about the recent December Goa-trip. I wrote about my most memorable time in Goa in the “walk in Goa” post, a month ago. One of the reasons for that walk to be as memorable as it were, was the visit to Vivenda Kafe in Candolim, Goa. I almost walked past it when […]

The Hangover 2 – give it a miss!

Whoever scripted this sequel definitely had a massive hangover! Not even half as good as the first one. It is not because I had high expectations, that this was a let down. This movie was bad, PERIOD! I read an article some months back on why people find vulgarity, funny. I’m sure this movie was […]

Signs of a bad movie!

You know you are in for a bad movie when: 1. You enter the cinema, ask an usher “which hall is the movie playing at”and he replies “Is that movie playing here tonight?”!! 2. The usher almost laughs at you when you said the particular movie name. Finally, somehow you find the hall. 3. There […]

To The Body Shop, with love!

This is no brand bashing (hence with love), So if you are here wanting to see me crib (which I don’t think I have ever done here, ever), please move on, nothing here for you :). Anyway To The Body Shop I’m a blogger (obviously, you will know that if you are reading this BLOG!! […]

Bangalore – Land of lots of different things

Bangalore – Land of: Classy climate – Wow. The climate was so good. Coming from the Oven, that is Chennai, the climate was really good in B’lore. The mornings were cold and the afternoons were pleasantly warm. Super speed breakers – Whats up with B’lore and speed breakers. Not just “chumma” speed breakers, they were […]

The road trip – Sunday. One day at a time! – III

Road trip to Dubare:Part I – FridayPart II – SaturdayThe Photos.And Sunday: Sunday morning we woke up at 6:00 and the plan was to leave the Inn at 6:30 but as we all know that the plans are easily made and hard to be kept. We went to check out and the manager was not […]

The road trip – Saturday. One day at a time! – II

Read part 1 before reading this one. Before getting to the Saturday part of the Dubare trip, I’d like to share some of the “sharable” pics with you. Enter Picasa Hope you have seen all of them and enjoyed. I missed out some other memorable incidents that happened on Friday.Friday :We were at Andy’s place […]

The road trip – Friday. One day at a time!

Note : Some of the funny parts are “you-had-to-be-there-to-laugh” type. So please excuse if you see a smiley and don’t find it funny. .. like this one. .. or this.. As you might have already known that three of us started from Chennai and one more was to join us from B’lore. Me, Murali and […]

The Road trip – I

We had loads of fun and now I’m in pain after driving for at least 500 Kms in the whole trip. So I’m not in the funniest of moods to make you laugh. I’ll be coming up with many small parts. To understand the funny part of this particular post, you need to know the […]