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Nokia Lumia 520 review – detailed

Nokia Lumia 520 Rating : 4 off 5 Bought for INR 9,000/- There are two things to a phone, the device and then there is the OS. Here device is Nokia Lumia 520 and and the OS is Windows Phone 8. In this review I’m gonna club them both. Good stuff: Battery: For a smartphone, […]

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Book Review

Book: Gone Girl Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Mystery Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Author: Gillian Flynn Profanity used in the book: A Lot. NO SPOILERS HERE – Review A book that is hard to put down is a great book. This is a good book. It is about a relationship gone bad/cold between a smart husband(Nick […]

Motorola experience – Bad

So Moto x got released. No thanks. Last time I bought a Motorola, in fact in the last 10 years I’ve owned an LG, Samsung, Nokia (3), Siemens (ya!) and Motorola (2 – Motorokr and Moto Defy+), that was the worst thing to do! The first Motorola that I bought was Motorokr z6. The slide […]

Tata Indica Vista D90 ZX experience

Tata Indica Vista D90 ZX user experience

There are two things you notice as soon as you enter the car: Before starting the car: SPACE. I took my colleagues for lunch on the day I got the car. 5 of us went in this car. The guys sitting behind didn’t feel cramped and the first thing two of my friends said was “this […]

Varkala resorts and prices

varkala resorts near papanasam beach, varkala, kerala

The first day/night of my Varkala, Kerala Trip, we stayed in Eden Garden resort, Papanasam beach (3.5 off 5 stars). It cost us only Rs.800 for a double-bed room for a night. It was 100 meters from the beach and we had no qualms. It was well kept, had a geyser – 24hrs hot water, […]

Movie vs Book – Life of Pi [Movie Review]

life of pi movie vs book review

3 off 5 stars – Leaving out 2 stars as I don’t feel that movie conveyed what the book did, but giving it 3 stars for the wonderful scenes, which only Ang Lee could have pulled off and for the wonderful attempt to create Life of Pi book into a movie. Ignorance is bliss: If you […]

[Book Review] Life of Pi, Novel by Yann Martel

Life of Pi, book by Yann Martel - Book review

Stars: 4 off 5 (1 star less because of some very gory scenes, you would do better to skip those pages!) Life of Pi is Philosophical, zoological and adventurous with a pinch of spirituality(no one religion in particular). If you like ‘Man vs Wild’ AND you like to read, this is a definitely your kind […]

[Book review] Lost Horizon: A Novel of Shangri-La

lost horizon - the classic tale of shangri-la : james hamilton [book review]

The underlying philosophy of the book can be summed up: would you choose a short well-lived life OR live a long life that you never really lived! A friend of mine had suggested this book, I went to Kindle store and saw that it was available for Rs.50. Pounced on it(virtually of course!) and bought […]

Dinner at Mango Tree, Hampi

dinner at mango tree, hampi

It was a good time listening to their Indian experience and having the delicious dinner, in the lantern-lit beautiful place filled with stories and laughter from other tables too! If you are in Hampi and you want to have food that you want to fall in love with, you have try Mango Tree. Not just […]

Flipkart service, now that’s service!!

Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens

Good-bad-better I ordered two things online on the same day. Motorola Defy Plus from Sulekha Deals and 50mm 1.8 lens from Flipkart. I got the former in 3 days and latter… read below. Good I’ve ordered quite a lot of items from Flipkart, and everytime they’ve delivered on time. Except for this one time. I […]