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Quote Unquote

You know how goldfish remember everything (everything that you don’t want them to). Oh, by the way, by “goldfish”, I mean the girl friends. “Girl friend” sounds derogatory at times, I’ve heard those complaints. The term “Goldfish” as a substitute for a “girl friend” came in to being… oh, that’s another blog. 🙂 note: From […]

Silver, ya.. but why the jubilee??

NOTE : those who are going to be 25 and those who are already, please don’t read the post. 🙂 25 years old. Quarter century. Given the average life span of an Indian is 62, what is there to celebrate when someone turns 25?! Why do people even call it a jubilee. I agree that […]

Misconception #1

I was at a conference today. I’m not the person you might have wanted for public speaking some months back (refer:How not to Compere / be a MC), but I have learnt it now. And the following are the two things that an MC can do, other than the usual welcome speech and other rant: […]


I take up on my shoulders, the burden to educate the masses about this one word which means two separate things in two languages (Hindi and Tamil) and has caused me lot of trouble. “It is good to have understood than not understand at all, but It’s better to not understand at all than to […]