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Suicide?! – Hang in there!!

Recently, German international goalkeeper Robert Enke committed suicide. That intrigued me to think about this – suicide. Why would anyone come to such a decision. Being humans, we have a choice between doing the rational thing or the irrational. Suicide is obviously the worst choice anyone can make. Other than the obvious reason that it […]

Silver, ya.. but why the jubilee??

NOTE : those who are going to be 25 and those who are already, please don’t read the post. ๐Ÿ™‚ 25 years old. Quarter century. Given the average life span of an Indian is 62, what is there to celebrate when someone turns 25?! Why do people even call it a jubilee. I agree that […]

Quarter-life crisis??!! Not really..

Note: The following post is.. ah, forget it! Anyway you are all gonna read it. Go on.. I just slid in to 25, this 25th. Been around for 25 years. Okay, I’m gonna stop saying that again and again, because its making me sadder. Nevertheless I’ve reached that age, when I’m forced(by everyone asking me, […]

What’s the limit?

You see a person. You recognize him and go on to start a conversation. Midway you realize that the guy has no (not a single) clue who you are. So the question is, when do you stop yourself from all the yapping, swallow down your ego and say “By the way, I’m Sam”. Or when […]

A tip!

When you are in a theatre, stuck in a situation like this, you tend to think of anything else to take your mind off “that” topic. Just then a girl approached a guy sitting in the seat behind me.. Gal : Excuse me, what’s your number?I’m thinking : wow, brave gal. That guy (obviously stunned): […]


I take up on my shoulders, the burden to educate the masses about this one word which means two separate things in two languages (Hindi and Tamil) and has caused me lot of trouble. “It is good to have understood than not understand at all, but It’s better to not understand at all than to […]


Two things greatly distress me when I hear about “housewarming”. Does it make sense?! I’m not talking about building a house. Building a house totally does make sense now and makes “cents” later (okay, bad one!). I’m talking about the word, or rather the phrase, “housewarming”. What is that even supposed to mean?! In Tamil, […]

The joining of families – marriage!!

It’s funny how a girl (my elder sister) finds her prince charming,decides to get married, her world totally changes and SHE CHANGES OURS AS WELL!! I’m really happy for her but as I was pondering on the thought of getting to know a whole new set of people and get used to ….. I can’t […]

To a friend, on her birthday…

“Advice is a cheap gift that a person can give another, but if it is taken and used well by the other person, it becomes precious.” For my friend’s birthday, I’m gonna give her an advice now. And a real gift, later ๐Ÿ™‚Here goes “DON’T USE CREDIT CARDS IF NOT NECESSARY” Why this advice??! I […]