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Mosquito eradication and gamification

mosquito eradication and gamification

The reason for the existence of mosquitoes, one of those unsolved mysteries in universe. All they do is spread disease, disturb our sleep, suck our blood. I don’t find any reason for its creation other than God wanting to have some fun looking at humans hitting/slapping themselves(saw this somewhere online). BTW, male mosquitoes don’t suck […]

Social media drawback – everyone “knows” but not really!

euro 2012

Nowadays everyone seems to know the news but not really know the news. (Thankfully IPL got over, so my timeline is no more monopolized). Recently, I heard Sanjay Joshi quit BJP, that was the “breaking news” tweet from #HT(Hindustan Times). I figured if it is breaking news, it must be really important, so I turned to my […]

Miss the good old Nokia 3310


Those were good times! It’s been two months since I started thinking of getting a new mobile and I still have not made up my mind. I guess I would attribute that to the “innovations” people are coming up with which are basically just confusions for the consumer. Earlier, options were so limited, whatay bliss! […]

Time-Speed theory

The time-speed theory is about the speed of time, sort of the relativity theory. You would have noticed that when you are doing something that you hate to do, for example, a post-lunch boring meeting or a college lecture, every minute feels like an hour. On the other hand, when you are doing something interesting, […]

Diwali: Festival of smog and little light

diwali smog

I’ve heard Diwali is the festival of lights. There is no smoke without fire and conversely, all fire produces smoke. And so it was – smog. The smog was so much that I couldn’t see much light. It was a pitiful sight. I went to the Besant Nagar beach around 10 PM. It was beautiful […]

Steve Jobs

I do not own any Apple products, my friends do! They love it, I can’t not love it. I try to hate it, give excuses for “hating” it (It doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity, you HAVE to have to iTunes to transfer songs etc.) but I would be lying if I said that it isn’t the […]

Petrol Bunk cons

Just a post to caution everyone to be alert while filling petrol. I was at the IOCL petrol bunk near Guindy, Chennai. I asked the bunk person to fill petrol for Rs.500, he obliged and I stepped out of the car to see the petrol meter. He reset the meter and it showed zero. He […]

Snapped out of addiction!

As you all might already know that I have a photo blog (if you didn’t know that, this is a good time to check that out!) and I’ve been posting in that quite frequently. The comments and “like”s I get for my posts are really encouraging. But the addiction had begun. The addiction to want […]