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solved 2048

yay! solved 2048 – the game. the game Created by Gabriele Cirulli.

Duck Duck Go. Shoutout.

How many of you have heard of DuckDuckGo? Most of you wouldn’t have! It’s a search engine (you know… like Google, Bing et al.) I wanted to stop using Google some three months back and was looking at alternative Search Engines and I came across this. When I find something this good, I have to […]

Happiness – why is it so hard to attain?

Some days back, while driving to work, I heard a TED talk (broadcasted by NPR) on Success. Success, at the end, is being happy. A happy person is a successful person. That got me thinking. In life, one can be happy if at present one is happy and there is nothing one is afraid of […]

Tipping Point

No, not the book. I’m talking about tipping, the point we make when we tip to whomever. Friends from US, when they come to India, tip 10% minimum. My logic in tipping is minimum Rs.10 and maximum of Rs.100. That is not the point of this post, the point is why do we tip. We, […]

Motorola experience – Bad

So Moto x got released. No thanks. Last time I bought a Motorola, in fact in the last 10 years I’ve owned an LG, Samsung, Nokia (3), Siemens (ya!) and Motorola (2 – Motorokr and Moto Defy+), that was the worst thing to do! The first Motorola that I bought was Motorokr z6. The slide […]

Few seconds of being recognized

Something that I saw, on my way to work, was share-worthy, so here… I was on my way to work, in the Chennai sub-urban train. There are 7 stations between boarding and my disembarking. One of the most crowded stations is Mambalam station. One commonly observed behaviour is everyone is in a hurry, when they […]

Susai Antony R.I.P

susai antony, thirumalapuram

Susai Antony, B.A, retired Tahsildar, my Grandpa.   He Lived a Good Life. 19 December, 1927 ¬†– 2 July, 2013 My word: He was kind-hearted, helpful to everyone. I was his first grandson and I have lots of sweet memories of him. One of the things that I will always remember was what my parents […]

Resolution, a funny thing!

Resolutions, when you make it, you think you can keep it and yes, most probably you would, but once you tell your resolution to someone you lose interest in it. Has it happened to you?! It’s been a while since I blogged here, this happens when there are more than one blog to cater to. […]

Alchemist – TV remote realization

TV remote - alchemist

An useless Saturday, which would be me watching TV instead of learning something new. I sat on the couch, watching TV, with one remote. Only one remote. That’s odd, coz on an average, we all have 3 remotes for just entertainment, right? There is one for the TV, then there is one for the DISHTV […]

Suburban trains are discriminatory

chennai suburban train

Trains are chauffeur driven, traffic-jam-free, on-time mode of conveyance and that is why I take it to work everyday. I also get to contribute my bit for a cleaner, greener planet.Taking into consideration all the above mentioned factors, I travel by Chennai sub-urban train everyday, an hour a day. Having said that¬† I find trains, […]