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Marketing success – 5 star ad

cadbury 5 star - ek bilang

Either this is an awesome success for a marketing campaign or a new way of ad insertion! I sincerely hope it is the former. Spotted this ad in The Hindu, of course influenced by the new Cadbury 5 Star Ad.   In case you haven’t seen this 5 Star ad, here it is:   cheers

The Hindu vs TOI

the hindu vs times of india toi

Of course, this is about the recent Ad-wars between The Hindu and The Times Of India How it all started… Hindu rules the English daily market in Tamil Nadu. Times Of India (TOI) was a very late entrant. Facts: TOI is a more of a page3 daily, you can get all the news on entertainment, […]

Vodafone Ad – the sound of silence!

Vodafone ads have always been a class apart. Very innovative and always with a pleasant catchy tune. Those were the TV Ads. Recently I happened to witness their ads in another media. Its visual, same as TV, but in a Cinema hall. I went for Aadhavan(review) on Diwali (Yes, I was unfortunate enough to do […]

Hindustan times – It is time!… some don’t agree!

I’m sure many of you (if not all) have seen the recent Hindustan Times “It is time” ad on TV. I loved the ads. Well thought of, well timed… 🙂(click on the title of each ad to view them. Don’t worry, they all open in a new tab!)Time for better journalism – niceEvery viewer hated […]

To The Body Shop, with love!

This is no brand bashing (hence with love), So if you are here wanting to see me crib (which I don’t think I have ever done here, ever), please move on, nothing here for you :). Anyway To The Body Shop I’m a blogger (obviously, you will know that if you are reading this BLOG!! […]

Online marketing is a lot about learning and retrospection!

Online marketing is a lot about visiting back to what you have created. Retrospection/inspection gives insight on the quality of a certain product / website. Website should be looked up on as a product that attracts people/leads to a certain other product. I read an article on why iPod stays ahead of the competition (in […]

Starting a company!

I have an idea that can make retail giants gain lakhs of customers, if they will be the first one to implement it. Now the problem is: It’s just an idea. How do I market the idea. How do I make sure that it’s not stolen. Can anyone help me with this? Whom do I […]

Customer Evolution and Google Adwords!

When NOT to advertise through “Adwords”: 1. When the target group is people who are interested in gaining knowledge of the product. 2. When the site is already search engine optimized for the keywords and manage to appear in the first page of Google search. 3. When the target group is not using Google for […]

Marketing – First post

I’ve been wanting to blog on my marketing “learnings” for a long time and today, after Seth Godin asked me to, I thought the time is ripe. So here it is. This is more of a information of a blogpost than a post itself. This is to inform that I have started a new category […]