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Sarath Guttikunda – TEDIndia Fellow

The fourth interview is that of Sarath Guttikunda – Founder of UrbanEmissions.Info, a repository of information and research related to air pollution. In this interview he talks about his other passions, simple everyday tips for people to help reduce pollution, his role models and more… Give us a brief introduction about started UrbanEmissions.Info because […]

Interview with TEDIndia Fellow – Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta is the third TEDIndia Fellow to be interviewed in this series (Other two – Lisa Heydlauff and Pulkit Gaur ). She is the Chief Inventor of EachOneTeachOne (facebook) – a web-application designed to facilitate volunteer tutoring and learning. She is also very multi-faceted. In this interview she talks about her various roles, her […]

Pulkit Gaur – TEDIndia Fellow

The second interview with TED India Fellows. This time it is Pulkit Gaur. His first article got published when he was 15 years old and from then on, there was no stopping. Currently, he is the CTO of Gridbots, the company he founded. In this interview he discusses his favourite project yet, his love for […]

Getting to know TEDIndia Fellow – Lisa Heydlauff

First of the series of interviews with TED India Fellows is the one with Lisa Heydlauff.For Lisa Heydlauff, her book “Going To School In India” was just the beginning. She is the Director & Founder of Going to school, a nonprofit trust which encourages children to go to school by passing on the message that […]

TEDIndia 2009 Fellows!

TED needs no introduction! So I’m not gonna give one. But TED Fellows do need that and that’s what I’m planning to do, thanks to Kiruba for coming up with the great idea. Its a collaboration with a bunch of people who would be interviewing specific TED Fellows. I have been given a list of […]