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Misconception #1

I was at a conference today. I’m not the person you might have wanted for public speaking some months back (refer:How not to Compere / be a MC), but I have learnt it now. And the following are the two things that an MC can do, other than the usual welcome speech and other rant: […]

Who comes here? and how..

I was curious to know who visits my blog and how they reached here. Initially the plan was to ask everyone who visits this site : “YO! Who goes there? Stranger or friend? If a stranger, how did you find me?”, I figured that was a not an easy thing to do. Easier was to […]

How to prove your "straightness" ….

If you wanna understand this post, you have to read the one about the theatre. So here goes the way to prove your straightness. But there is a basic rule: You have to decide which is more important to you – your physical pain or proving your “straightness” 1. Hit on any girl in the […]

A tip!

When you are in a theatre, stuck in a situation like this, you tend to think of anything else to take your mind off “that” topic. Just then a girl approached a guy sitting in the seat behind me.. Gal : Excuse me, what’s your number?I’m thinking : wow, brave gal. That guy (obviously stunned): […]