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Change is the only constant!

change is the only constant

First, hear out my excuse before reading the post. Excuse It’s been almost a month since I joined my new job and it keeps me so busy that I don’t have time to blog. Honestly I don’t even have time to think of something to blog. Why the excuse? Coz’ this post could have very […]

Case of a missing Tupperware

Is it a bowl?, is it a container?… no… it’s Tupperware!! Really, the folks at Tupperware, or at least the folks who buy it, have taken this to a whole new level. It has gone beyond the level of a container. There is no denying the fact that it looks better than the old containers/bowls, […]

Advice – diagrammatically, dramatically!

free advice

The problem with asking for advice is, if you hear it and don’t want to take it, the advisor gets offended! And also someone said “free advice is worth the price you pay”! So you are afraid to ask anyone, and no one gives it for free! There are only two other options, either you […]

Internet – Circle of life

Before Internet: we asked friends about products before buying them Internet happened: went to the internet for a review. “wow, this is so neat! so much info” Internet after a while:  “offo, 5 people have spoken good about it and 2 have give horrible feedback, I can’t decide” OR “only 5 feedback” and then “let […]

Baby Shopping

No we did not go to shop for babies. We did… uff! How do I put this? We went shopping to buy some stuff for my friend’s niece and nephew. Him and I wanted to buy some toys and dresses for the baby. Even in babies, the guys are so simple to shop for, and […]


I took a friend to a hospital today. We shall call the victim “R”. He had some pain near the cheek bone, under the eye. It hurt a lot, so he said. We went to the doctor’s room and he asked my friend what the problem was. R pointed to his face, gently touched the […]

Funny corruption!

I was on my way to office on my bike, when the cop stopped me. I had my helmet on, driving below the speed limit (because of traffic!), yet he stopped me. I pulled over! “Take out your license, registration and insurance” said the cop. I had only one of the three – my license. […]