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IT guy in the land of hobbits

So there was this IT guy, let’s call him Sunil, in the land of Hobbits, trying to make peace between the Dragon and the hobbits. Don’t ask questions, just keep reading… So where was I, ah, Sunil trying to be the peacemaker. Right then the dragon picks up one of the hobbits. For some reason, […]

The 18 points letter and why no one replied… maybe!

I’m sure you heard about the 18-point letter by Arvind Kejriwal. The answer is FRIENDS – the series The whole thing going on about why many have not replied to Arvind Kejriwal’s 18-points and some even asking what is with 18 points – why so long??     Maybe the answer for both the questions […]

Alchemist – TV remote realization

TV remote - alchemist

An useless Saturday, which would be me watching TV instead of learning something new. I sat on the couch, watching TV, with one remote. Only one remote. That’s odd, coz on an average, we all have 3 remotes for just entertainment, right? There is one for the TV, then there is one for the DISHTV […]

Suburban trains are discriminatory

chennai suburban train

Trains are chauffeur driven, traffic-jam-free, on-time mode of conveyance and that is why I take it to work everyday. I also get to contribute my bit for a cleaner, greener planet.Taking into consideration all the above mentioned factors, I travel by Chennai sub-urban train everyday, an hour a day. Having said that  I find trains, […]

Mosquito eradication and gamification

mosquito eradication and gamification

The reason for the existence of mosquitoes, one of those unsolved mysteries in universe. All they do is spread disease, disturb our sleep, suck our blood. I don’t find any reason for its creation other than God wanting to have some fun looking at humans hitting/slapping themselves(saw this somewhere online). BTW, male mosquitoes don’t suck […]

Barber with a lisp, “phike or phart”!

barber with a lisp, humor

A lisp, a problem one can’t help! But one can definitely make note of the problem and avoid certain words. The problem with the person in question is, he pronounces “p” as “ph”. There is nothing wrong having this problem, if one cannot get it corrected, at least use the right words so that this […]

Social media drawback – everyone “knows” but not really!

euro 2012

Nowadays everyone seems to know the news but not really know the news. (Thankfully IPL got over, so my timeline is no more monopolized). Recently, I heard Sanjay Joshi quit BJP, that was the “breaking news” tweet from #HT(Hindustan Times). I figured if it is breaking news, it must be really important, so I turned to my […]

Urgency Vs choices – a case of Swiss knife

swiss knife - urgency vs choice

Recently on my trip to Kolli Hills, I decided to take a walk in the hills whilst my friends were climbing down and then up a flight of 1000 stairs to get a bath. I guess different strokes for different folks. I walked for around 4 kms when I saw a fork in the road […]

Gandhi said and then Dhoni said

ipl dhoni csk chennai super kings gandhi

Gandhi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”   Dhoni said: “First they expect you to win, then you lose, then you lose some more, then they don’t expect anything from you, then someone wins some game with some other team, then we go to […]

Miss the good old Nokia 3310


Those were good times! It’s been two months since I started thinking of getting a new mobile and I still have not made up my mind. I guess I would attribute that to the “innovations” people are coming up with which are basically just confusions for the consumer. Earlier, options were so limited, whatay bliss! […]