Category: humanness

Lost my wallet and found humanity

It was a regular day. I got up and went out to buy milk from a shop that is about 200 meters from my house, one straight road. But this day, for some weird reason I decided to wear these track pants that I haven’t used in ages. And also this day my wife wanted […]

Few seconds of being recognized

Something that I saw, on my way to work, was share-worthy, so here… I was on my way to work, in the Chennai sub-urban train. There are 7 stations between boarding and my disembarking. One of the most crowded stations is Mambalam station. One commonly observed behaviour is everyone is in a hurry, when they […]

An autowala with a heart

I take the share(d)-auto till the train station, on my way to work. For those who are not familiar with “share-auto”, this is a larger sized auto-rickshaw that is shared by a bunch of people, each user has to pay anywhere between Rs.7 to Rs.15, depending on the distance travelled in the auto. This one […]

Adding new category

When I travel within the city or outside of it, I see a lot of events that reinforces my faith in humanity. The perspective and opinions might not be shared by everyone. But I wanted to add a category and I shall call it ‘humanness’. Hope you enjoy it and I hope it brings joy […]