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Travel and friends

Like I said during the last Goa Trip  “If you want to know your friends, travel with them. If you want to know yourself, travel alone!”.  So it was for the Yercaud trip too. I got to discover a lot about my co-travellers, their driving and how each of us complement each other. Plan was […]

Baby Shopping

No we did not go to shop for babies. We did… uff! How do I put this? We went shopping to buy some stuff for my friend’s niece and nephew. Him and I wanted to buy some toys and dresses for the baby. Even in babies, the guys are so simple to shop for, and […]


I took a friend to a hospital today. We shall call the victim “R”. He had some pain near the cheek bone, under the eye. It hurt a lot, so he said. We went to the doctor’s room and he asked my friend what the problem was. R pointed to his face, gently touched the […]

Half full or half empty?!

“Are you a pessimist or an optimist” asked a friend to his friend. “Why do ask, out of the blue” the friend replied.“coz, I need to tell you something and wondering how to put it” said the first.“Come on, just tell me.” the other said and continued to say “okay, I’ll answer your question and […]

Hunger pangs..Thank God!

My good friend’s(guy) good friend’s(gal) birthday is coming up. We went around scouring the city for a good gift to buy for her. I was obviously tricked into going shopping with him. He called me and said that he wanted to grab dinner outside. With the swine flu holding the city hostage (dramatic :)), the […]

Friendship day

I define that(friendship day) as any other day, with only one difference, which being, today you get an excuse to get mushy with your buddy, an excuse to let him / her know that you are thankful. I stress on “excuse” coz it is one! Everyday is an opportunity to thank your friends, but this […]

The tourist wedding!

I had an experience of a “tourist wedding” today. Oh, I’m sorry, most(none) of you know the meaning of that. Before saying anything more, I’d like to acknowledge that the wedding was arranged in a very good manner, we (me and my friend) were in a hurry and so had to experience the “tourist wedding”. […]

To The Body Shop, with love!

This is no brand bashing (hence with love), So if you are here wanting to see me crib (which I don’t think I have ever done here, ever), please move on, nothing here for you :). Anyway To The Body Shop I’m a blogger (obviously, you will know that if you are reading this BLOG!! […]

Dude! Where is the party.. our party?!

It was my colleague’s one year old daughter’s birthday party at a party hall at a good hotel. So Jai (my colleague) invited me and the rest of the team, and of course lot of his realatives. I have seen his daughter before, she’s a lovely little girl. We will call her “S”*. I have […]

Pregnant gal pals phase!!

Before you jump to conclusions. No, I’m not married, I’m not gonna be a father. I’m still single and ready to mingle! Pregnant gal pals phase: Girls tend to get married early on and there comes a time in a guys life when all his gal pals are married and some are even pregnant before […]