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Adding new category

When I travel within the city or outside of it, I see a lot of events that reinforces my faith in humanity. The perspective and opinions might not be shared by everyone. But I wanted to add a category and I shall call it ‘humanness’. Hope you enjoy it and I hope it brings joy […]

Christmas Program in Chennai 2012

christmas program announcement chennai 2012

Try not to miss this one if you are in Chennai and want to attend a Christmas program. If you already made a plan with your friend this Saturday, don’t change your plan – be with your friend, HERE. Come, enjoy, it will be worth it! Where: NLAG Church, Little mount, Chennai When: 6 PM, […]

Christmas Program Announcement #1

Have you been to a Christmas Celebration ever? It will be fun and it’s a great way to get into the holiday mood! 🙂 This Celebration is organized by the corporate fellowship that I attend. Please join us if you live nearby Ramapuram, Chennai. City: Chennai Date and Day: 9th Dec, FridayTime: 6PM  NOTE:  pls call […]

Gospel music concert

Went for a wonderful gospel music concert last Saturday. It was organized by Powerhouse church, Aminjikarai, Chennai.  The theme of the concert was “live out loud”. The theme did resonate throughout the concert in all the songs played by two bands – U-turn and A2J (A to J). Both bands performed well but I loved […]

Friend in need

New category announcement… There’s gonna be a new label in this blog. This is for my friends in need. I’m gonna call it “Friend in need” label. Some months back, a good friend of mine wanted to sell his Libero(the bike) and asked me if I knew anyone who would wanna buy it, “Nope” was […]

Love marriage or arranged marriage?!

Now that my sister’s wedding date is out and I’ve been telling everyone about it, invariably I hear one of the two sentences : “So,When is yours?”OR“Is it love marriage or arranged marriage” Both questions equally irritate me. Of the two, the first one is RELATIVELY reasonable, but the second one – Oh, COME ON! […]

I just moved in!

Hey everyone I gotta domain of my own and as an experiment, have hosted it in blogger. The place where I’ll be blogging from now on is here. I also apologize for the lack of proper tools to export all the comments that you guys had posted. So feel free, if you are free, to […]