MOTO X FORCE on big discount on both Amazon and Flipkart

Seems like Motorola has slashed price of MOTO X FORCE for now from a whooping Rs. 49,999 to Rs. 34,999. That’s a huge discount of Rs. 15,000. The discount seems to available both on AMAZON and FLIPKART.

Moto x force comes in two variants 32GB and 64 GB.

While the 32 GB MOTO x Force is available for Rs. 34,999, Moto X Force (Black, 64GB) is available for Rs. 37,999.

I’ve been using MOTOGTURBO for sometime now and it’s a great buy, as the OS in MOTO is more towards the vanilla Android as compared to the androids running on other devices.


BUY MOTO X FORCE at a huge discount

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Make use of the discount while it last, if you want to buy a mobile that doesn’t shatter by a simple drop.


I’ve been using MOTO G TUBO and love the phone. If you want good MOTO phone but have a small budget, I’d definitely suggest you buy MOTO G TURBO.

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