LIC premium online payment [video]

Nowadays everything can be done online, especially payments of your LIC Premium, electricity bill etc. In this blog I will focus on how to pay LIC premium online.

I have recorded a video for your convenience. I have also added screenshots and steps on how to do this.

Here is the video tutorial on how to pay LIC premium online.


Here are the screenshots and steps to pay LIC premium online:

  1. go to
  2. Click on the button that says “Pay premium online”. I have made a red border around this button so that you can spot it easily. See below the screenshot.

LIC premium online payment


3. Once you click on that button, the below page will open. In that page, click on “pay direct” button as shown below.

LIC premium payment


4. Now you should be viewing this page, shown below. Enter the POLICY NUMBER, INSTALLMENT PREMIUM and DATE OF BIRTH as per the policy document.

the emailid and mobile number can be yours or of the policy holder. NOTE THAT the payment receipt will be sent to this email id and mobile number.

After you type the text that you see in your screen on the box that is on the right side, click on SUBMIT button.

lic premium online payment

5. after that you will see the below screen, you can view the details that you entered in the above screen. you can just check to see if those details are correct.

lic premium online payment

6. In the below screen, in the last line you will see the name of the policy holder as per the policy document. ensure that it is the correct/intended name. If it is not the correct name, then you have made a mistake in entering the policy number.

After you have verified the details, you can click on the small box under “PAY Pm” and then click on submit button.

LIC premium online payment


7. Now, select the payment option you wish to pay with, then click on SUBMIT.

lic premium payment
8. Once your transaction is complete. you will directed to this screen. You will most probably get the payment receipt to the email ID that you entered in step 4, within 5 minutes of payment. You can also get the receipt by clicking on the link “click for payment acknowledgement…” that is at the bottom of the screen shown below.


lic premium payment


That’s it. That is how easy it is to pay the LIC premium online.

hope this was helpful. if it was was helpful, please share on facebook and to your friends.



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