Why you should not buy Amazon Kindle

The shorter version:

My friend had bought this device from UK. After two years of using Kindle, suddenly one day the power button stopped working. I mailed support, after three calls, got connected to someone from UK, after a 20 mins discussion she(Chris) said that I can get a another Kindle(for 63 pounds). After the she mailed me saying they dont ship to India. I replied asking for alternative solution and got reply from from someone else who says she is sorry this happened, a call should help. back to square 1. So, I’m stuck with a broken device from Amazon that is made by Amazon, which they will neither replace, nor repair (coz they don’t have any service centers in India).

Why you shouldn’t buy a Kindle:

  1. it has only one year warranty, anything happens to the device after that time. You just have to buy a new one, even if the problem was with the device and not caused by you
  2. Jeff Bezos claims to read mails from customers. Evidently he doesn’t.
  3. You cannot get the device repaired as Amazon doesnt have resellers or service centers.
  4. I had to interact with 6 support agents(one after the other) and still no help.

The longer version:

Scene 1 – 1st support person

My friend had bought this device from UK. After two years of using Kindle, suddenly one day the power button stopped working. I mailed their support the issue that my Kindle screen is frozen and I’m not able to wake up my Kindle. Got a response from them that I should call their support for faster issue resolution. I don’t why they can’t call me. I called their support, a person called Naresh told me to try to restart the Kindle,  I tried and it didnt restart, it was still frozen. He asked me to connect to the charging adapter and asked me what color was the LED, i said “orange”. He told me to charge the battery to 100% and then try restarting the device. I have no idea how that will help but I told him I will do that and call back if problem persists.

Scene 2 – 2nd support person

Battery fully charged, I tried to restart, nothing happened. After a week, I called their support again. She told me to connect the charging cable to a computer and tried charging to 100% again. No idea what she thought will vary if one charges with the adapter or a computer. I told her I will do that and this time she should schedule a call back. she said she will call back in 45 mins.

Scene 3 – 3rd Support person

I connected the the cable to a computer and Kindle woke up, unfroze. As soon as i connected it unfroze. Then I realized the problem must be with power button. Coz, when you connect a Kindle via a computer, Kindle acts a drive and a message pops up in Kindle. That’s how the Kindle woke up. When the previous support exec called me up, I told her that I found the root cause of the issue – power button failure. She asked me where I purchased from, I told her UK. So she patched thru a call with UK support executive called Chris. She first authenticated me with email ID and address, which was India. And then told me that since this was beyond first year warranty period, they can’t replace the device but can give an alternative for a discounted price. She suggested a KINDLE FIRE to me, it was shocking that a Kindle exec will think that a Kindle user will buy a FIRE instead. the whole point of Kindle is e-ink.  She offered a REFURBISHED KINDLE PAPERWHITE for 63 pounds. 63 pounds for a power button failure of a device manufactured by Amazon and sold by Amazon.

Scene 4 – oh no, they took it back and 4th and 5th Support person.

After the long 20 mins call with Chris. She sent an email that I have to bear the SHIPPING COST as well, so I asked her how much will it cost to ship to India. She replied saying they dont ship to India. when I replied asking her for an alternative solution, someone else replied to the mail saying that they are sorry they can’t ship from UK. When I replied again asking ‘well, what about this device, where can I get it fixed’, some one else replied saying they don’t have any service center.

Well, Mr. Jeff Bezos, what do I do with the device that you manufactured, that you sold and now the power button is broken without any physical harm to the device. 63 pounds for a broken power button that isn’t even caused by the end user.

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