Exodus Movie – NO.

Longest 150 minutes. Not only for me, for a lot of people, because like this tweet pointed out


The movie is neither based fully on the Bible nor are the effects and graphics a treat.

The problems:

BIBLE: “12 Looking this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.

MOVIE: Moses kills one Egyptian and wounds the other because those two call him a slave by mistake.

BIBLE: 18 Then Moses went back to Jethro his father-in-law and said to him, “Let me return to my own people in Egypt to see if any of them are still alive.” here

Jethro said, “Go, and I wish you well.”

19 Now the Lord had said to Moses in Midian, “Go back to Egypt, for all those who wanted to kill you are dead.” 20 So Moses took his wife and sons, put them on a donkey and started back to Egypt. And he took the staff of God in his hand.


1. Moses leaves his wife and goes.

2. There is no staff of God.

BIBLE: 27 The Lord said to Aaron, “Go into the wilderness to meet Moses.” So he met Moses at the mountain of God and kissed him. 28 Then Moses told Aaron everything the Lord had sent him to say, and also about all the signs he had commanded him to perform.

29 Moses and Aaron brought together all the elders of the Israelites, 30 and Aaron told them everything the Lord had said to Moses. He also performed the signs before the people, 31 and they believed.

MOVIE: Aaron is introduced to Moses through Nun.

There are a lot of discrepancies. If you want the real story as per the Bible, check it out here. Do read, it’s pretty interesting.

Even the effects were not great. Ridley Scott could have done so much better with the plagues and dividing of red sea but somewhere in the middle of the movie he seemed to have lost interest.

If you have read the Biblical version, then you won’t agree with the movie. If you have not read the Biblical version, then you won’t understand. Either way, I would recommend you give this movie a pass.

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