Cleartrip, clearly bad service.

I had booked a resort (Wild Elephant Eco Resort) through Cleartrip and I must say both the resort and Cleartrip service was really bad, especially Cleartrip’s.

1. Wrong offers, without clarity.

cleartrip offer screenshot

Cleartrip offer screenshot

“Flat 25% off, use code WKDBRK” was what it said on site. I booked a hotel(Rs.6000) and saw only Rs. 1000 discounted. I called their customer support and spoke to one lady who said that a maximum of Rs.1000 off was the condition (it was not mentioned anywhere as you can see in the screenshot), to which I told her that it says “Flat 25% off”, then she put me on hold and transferred the call to one other person. This guy tells me that a maximum of Rs. 1000 was the condition, when I repeated to him that it wasn’t mentioned anywhere, he said “sir, next time when you see offers, please call and check with us”. Crazy!


2. Hotel Location – wrongly provided.

cleartrip screwup - wrong location of hotel in QR code.

cleartrip screwup – wrong location of hotel in QR code

After booking the resort I received a “booking voucher” from Cleartrip which had a QR code to locate the hotel. We drove from Cochin to Munnar and it was not an easy drive. I wanted to reach Munnar before sundown and reached by 6:30 PM following the location given by Cleartrip as per the QR code. On reaching the location, there was no resort there, it was the middle of the Munnar market/town. We called up the resort to check where it was and that resort person said it was 30 Kms before the Munnar town and he wouldn’t cancel that night’s reservation. Because of which I had to find another hotel for that night in Munnar town.

That is how unreliable Cleartrip is and next time, even if you are booking on Cleartrip (dont!), remember:

1. Call them about those offers/discounts. What is displayed on their site is incomplete.

2. Dont believe that QR code. Call the hotel and ask for directions.

Cost incurred because of this mistake by Cleartrip: Rs. 4000.

UPDATE(10th Sep, 9 PM): Cleartrip support has informed me via email that they will refund the booking amount and I’m happy about the way they have dealt in this case. They have retained a user today!

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