Lost my wallet and found humanity

It was a regular day. I got up and went out to buy milk from a shop that is about 200 meters from my house, one straight road. But this day, for some weird reason I decided to wear these track pants that I haven’t used in ages. And also this day my wife wanted me to withdraw some cash from an ATM, which is 200┬ámeters and 2 turns away.

I took my cycle and went to the milk shop, bought the milk and then went to the ATM. I went in, withdrew the cash, put it in my wallet, put the wallet in the back pocket of my track pants and rode back home. Some 50 meters from home, I felt my finger for the wedding ring and it wasn’t there, coz it was in my wallet, where I usually keep it when I go to bed or for a bath. Instinctively I reached for the wallet in the back pocket to assure my heart that “the ring is right there”. I’m sure my heart replied, “yes, the ring is right there in the wallet, but the wallet isn’t in there!” coz as I felt for my wallet, it wasn’t there in the back pocket. I had been sleepy until then, even while riding the bike lazily, and at that moment I woke up. THE WALLET WAS MISSING!!! I obviously freaked, rode the cycle as fast as possible to the ATM to see if it was lying on the road or at least if someone(some good soul!) picked it up, I could get it back if they were waiting to see whose it was.

I had cards in it – PAN, license, debit, credit. But the most important thing was the ring – THE RING! I couldn’t find it on the road, neither could I see anyone holding it. I raced back home, looking on the road. I went back again to the ATM, went in and searched and this time came back home riding slowly, looking at the road more carefully. I reached my home, with a broken, heavy heart.

My wife opened the door and I just stood there feeling and looking miserable. She looked at me to see if I was alright and asked me what had happened, I told her the whole story. The first thing she suggested was that we pray about it and the good Lord will touch the person’s heart (if anyone had it) to return it to us. We prayed!

Faith is a good thing, but I(being human) wanted a plan B. I called all the banks and blocked all my cards and then started looking online for the local police station to go file an FIR.

About an hour had passed by when I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I picked up and he said “sir, did you lose your wallet?” I was overwhelmed with joy and replied “yes, sir, yes, sir” and he said “I’m calling from Adambakkam auto stand, one of the drivers (Mr. Murugan) found your wallet on the road. Can you come and collect it?” I told him, honestly, that I didn’t know my way around and he suggested he would come and drop it at my place. I told him where I live and we met in a mutually agreed place near my house in 15 minutes where he returned my wallet, with all the contents just as they were.

I thanked him and rewarded his “humanness” with money from the reclaimed wallet.

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