IT guy in the land of hobbits

So there was this IT guy, let’s call him Sunil, in the land of Hobbits, trying to make peace between the Dragon and the hobbits.

Don’t ask questions, just keep reading…

So where was I, ah, Sunil trying to be the peacemaker. Right then the dragon picks up one of the hobbits. For some reason, for the sake of this joke that is coming, let’s say that the dragon and hobbits both listen to Sunil.

Enter Nisha – an on-site engineer, calls him on his mobile phone and asks “hey, how do I copy the files from one folder to another, it’s urgent, client is breathing down my neck, please tell me”.

Sunil has no time, his IT friend’s career in one hand and hobbit’s life in another. He just has time to say one line, one short line to fix both the problems at the same time.

the question is what does Sunil say? just one line, a short line to fix both the problems? 🙂
answer is, Sunil says “drag n drop” 😀

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