Taxi for sure… for sure!

I use this blog to review products or services (good and bad). This post is for the cab service provided by Taxi For Sure, new guys in the market.

I’ve been shuttling between Chennai and Bangalore a lot in the last year. In Bangalore getting a cab used to be a nightmare, especially on weekends. Only name I knew then was Meru Cabs and they always put users on hold (sometimes for more than 5 minutes to let you know that there are no cab available).

Recently, I think six months back, a friend of mine told me about Taxi For Sure (I shall call it TFS, too big a name to type). I figured there was no harm in trying this service, I called them up and after a short (30 secs) caller tune, where they ensure that you never forget their jingle or the number 60-60-10-10, I got through to a customer service guy, I guess. He took down my details and assured me that I will get the cab on time, which I was doubtful of. Only assuring factor was that I got an sms with my travel details within the minute of that call.

30 minutes before my ride I got an SMS from TFS with the phone number of cabbie. The cab came on time, and the driver had a smart phone with navigation system et al. The experience was same as any other cab service but the good part was, as soon as I reached the destination, right that minute, before I even got off the cab, I got an sms from TFS, providing details of the bill. I found that great and useful, even for future reference of expenditure. If I were on an official trip I can use that for accounting too!

So that was I got introduced to Taxi For Sure. From that time (six months or so) I’ve always used their service. I was back in Chennai the land of ‘Fast Track’ cabs and NTL cabs. They used to be good but recently I experienced a lot of last-minute cancellations from their end, which leaves you stranded. It had become too big a gamble to rely on these services. So I tried TFS, the service and assurance was the same as my experience with TFS in Blore.

The one drawback that can be rectified from TFS end is that, the drivers even with GPS, call me up before reaching my place of pickup. I really wish they didn’t call me 30 mins before pickup for directions.
case in point: I had a 5 AM flight to catch. i booked the cab for 3:30 AM. My plan was to get up at 3 AM. The cabbie called me at 2:30 to know the route to my place. that can be very annoying.

But I realized recently, booking a cab online through their site ( there is an option to show your point of pickup in the maps. Hopefully, the cabbie wont be the guy to wake you up, from now on.

Based on my experience of using TFS for more than 5 times, I would definitely recommend that you try it out.

Taxi for sure… for sure! 🙂

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