Why I’m apprehensive of Nokia x after trying Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia is was a good phone till all I could hear was my friends (and Lumia users) started complaining of phone breakage.

I had used Nokia Lumia 520 for close to 6 months, after which it broke. I have written couple of reviews about Lumia 520 earlier and I still think that Windows Phone 8 OS delivers value for money and the quality of video and user experience can be said to be the best in the OS market.

What I’m not happy about is the hardware – the NOKIA device. It just breaks. Of course after a fall, but I’ve used other phones in the past and never have broken any. Lumia’s fall wasn’t even a big one – it just fell from the table to the floor inside the house. It just cracked and the touch screen won’t work.

I personally know 4 friends of mine (2 – 720 and 2- 520) whose Lumia broke. Then there is the case of one friend of mine who owns Nokia Lumia 820. After three months of using it, the camera went bust, he gave the mobile to a Nokia service centre, which took 3 months to return the device. Three months to fix a camera, what a joke?!

That is the exact reason I’m apprehensive of ‘Nokia X’ or any new Nokia Lumia or Nokia smartphones. Nokia’s quality has gone from being one of the best(remember the good old Nokia 3310) to one of the worst now.

While there is Moto G (from Google) which offers superb value for the buck and unconfirmed reports that it even survives under water (remember motorola defy+?). So if I were you, I wouldn’t stand in the queue or pre-order a Nokia mobile, as of now.

In my books, I’m in no hurry to own a Nokia till they prove that the devices are better.

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