Happiness – why is it so hard to attain?

Some days back, while driving to work, I heard a TED talk (broadcasted by NPR) on Success. Success, at the end, is being happy. A happy person is a successful person.

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That got me thinking. In life, one can be happy if at present one is happy and there is nothing one is afraid of in the foreseeable future.

Two phases:

1. Present

2. Hope of happiness in the foreseeable future. That is a sense of security.

Why did I not include “the past”? If a person is happy now and hopes to be happy in the future, then of course, it does not matter what his past was. So if these were the only two requirements, then why so hard to obtain happiness?! Then why do we work

Present happiness

is being happy right now. Not burdened, not envious, not anxious… just happy.  Even if that is possible. Say your business is going well. You closed a good deal. Presentation went well et al.

Hope of happiness in the foreseeable future.

That’s the challenge, one can never promise this. One can never be sure of this. To make this possible, or try our best to make this possible, we try to create health, which can later be exchanged for health/comfort. This fear – loss of health, comfort, is what drives us to work, so that we can  secure that future hope of happiness. And that is why success DOES depend on happiness and happiness is a function of financial security.

So when someone asks if you are successful, tell them yes if:

  • you are happy at that moment and your foreseeable future looks happy
    • (which for you might or might not depend on your financial status)


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