Tipping Point

No, not the book. I’m talking about tipping, the point we make when we tip to whomever. Friends from US, when they come to India, tip 10% minimum. My logic in tipping is minimum Rs.10 and maximum of Rs.100. That is not the point of this post, the point is why do we tip.

tipping point, tipping the waiters

We, I tip because I want to thank the guy who served, if he served us well. I even tip the auto guys if they charged reasonably. When I’m absolutely not happy with the service, I do not tip at all, to make a point. Then came ‘service charges’, I really don’t get it. They serve and I don’t like the service, then how and why do they charge for the service. Who is to say if 10% is what I think the charge for the service to be.  I wanna be able to negotiate the service charge. Also when you tip the waiter, you also indirectly tip the chef. A good experience encompasses food and service. Imagine if the service was great but the food sucked, would you still tip, most probably NO. So the question is have you ever tipped the chef. or given a tip and chit with that and wrote down

  1. Rs.25 >> Chef
  2. Rs.25 >> Waiter


Lots of people also tip the parking guy. One day, I parked my car and went into the restaurant only to find out that the restaurant was full and I had to wait for 15 more minutes. I didnt want to wait and I left. As I was taking out the car, honest query “should I tip the parking attendant?”

So what do you think, should I have tipped the parking guy?

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