Windows phone Apps unavailability – myth or truth

I used Android for an year before I decided to move to Windows. I’ve been using Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 520 for a couple of months now and fond of it. Before shifting platforms, I was worried about availability of apps. Most of the WindowPhone8 haters point that to be the main problem with Window Phone platform, so I did a little research before buying it.

I listed out all the apps that I used in Android, at that time. The list was something like this:

  • Whatsapp
  • Notes
  • Maps
  • Mail
  • Navigation
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Ruzzle
  • Dictionary
  • Pocket/Readability
  • Data on cloud – Google Drive

Those were the Android apps that I used frequently, mostly. I did a search in Windows App Store for these apps

  • Whatsapp – available
  • Notes – OneNote is superb
  • Maps – NOKIA HERE maps is awesome, it matches and a little better than Google Maps
  • Mail – It’s all there
  • Navigation/Routes – NOKIA HERE
  • Amazon Kindle – Available
  • Ruzzle – Yes
  • Dictionary – Yes
  • Pocket/Readability – though these two apps are not published by their own company, there are other apps that use their API to read everything that you ‘bookmark/send-to’ in readability. Good enough
  • Data on Cloud – Skydrive

I’m sure your requirements could be different from mine and you might use some apps that I have not listed. So before buying Windows Phone, do a check of all your must-need apps. Windows Phone App store here.

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