Fris-be yourself. Chennai Ultimate Frisbee.

I’m sure everyone knows what a frisbee is. We’ve all played it (throw and catch) when we were kids and that was it. I never thought or knew it was a sport and what an interesting sport it makes. I was at the Besant Nagar beach to meet friends on Saturday when I chanced upon this game happening, with floodlights and teams wearing their own jerseys. Then I remembered a friend of mine had mentioned about ‘Chennai hosting the ultimate Frisbee tournament’ on FB. As I was waiting for friends I figured I’d watch this sport for sometime and boy, was in for a surprise. It was such a treat – the energy levels of the players, the jumps, throws and catches… it was indeed ultimate. I became a fan of a team called “Chakraa”. That’s why I returned to the beach on Sunday to see the finals of this well-fought tournament, because Chakraa had made it to the finals.

Some interesting things I noticed was there were no referees, If someone thought they were fouled, they would pause the game and the people involved will have a word about it and sort it out. Usually it ends in one party agreeing to have fouled unintentionally. Then the game continued. Within a limited time(pre-defined, of course) whichever teams scored more won.

chennai ultimate frisbee

Finals began between Airborne and Chakraa. From the start Chakraa looked more organized, in other words, not very aggressive, not taking risks, and that cost them dearly. Airborne were risk takers, they jumped and dove and made the opponents drop the disk with excellent defense. It was well fought, close battle that led to a nail-biting finish. At the end of the allotted time, both teams had scored equal, so the game went into “universal point”, meaning the team that scored first during this period won the game. Airborne scored and claimed their well-deserved trophy.

It’s a superb game and I am now a fan. In fact I’m planning to play this regularly.

Don’t worry if you missed watching this game this time, it happens every October in Besant Nagar beach. See you next time.

This is Chakraa, the team I supported. Runner-up in this tournament

Chakraa - Chennai Ultimate Frisbee


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