Motorola experience – Bad

So Moto x got released. No thanks. Last time I bought a Motorola, in fact in the last 10 years I’ve owned an LG, Samsung, Nokia (3), Siemens (ya!) and Motorola (2 – Motorokr and Moto Defy+), that was the worst thing to do!

The first Motorola that I bought was Motorokr z6. The slide open was a pretty attractive feature and it had a good body finish. The battery life was horrible and the hardware, looked all shiny and nice but the ring (dial) came off within a month of use.



I swore never to buy a moto again. Then Google bought Motorola, I thought I’ll give it a try and bought a Motorola Defy+. It was good for a week. The hardware is superb – waterproof (really!), I never had to be worried about protecting the phone from the rain and such. Especially while traveling the phone is handy, it’s pretty rugged so you have one less thing to worry about while traveling.

The problem is the speed. At 512 MB RAM and 1Ghz, this phone sucks and I don’t even use a lot of apps. The phone takes at least 5 seconds (literally 1… 2… 3… 4… 5…) to display the contacts list after tapping on Contacts. 5 seconds. It hangs, all the time. All hopes on Motorola is gone. Not gonna buy a Moto X. And anyway I’m planning to move out of Android for Windows.

P.S: Think before you buy a Moto


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