Susai Antony R.I.P

Susai Antony, B.A, retired Tahsildar, my Grandpa.


He Lived a Good Life.

19 December, 1927  – 2 July, 2013

susai antony, thirumalapuram

susai antony, thirumalapuram

My word:

He was kind-hearted, helpful to everyone. I was his first grandson and I have lots of sweet memories of him. One of the things that I will always remember was what my parents told me, that he did for me when I was learning to walk. The house back in our village where I grew up, has this open-air verandah in the center of the house. As I said earlier, I was learning to walk and I used to fall in that area a lot, so my grandpa ordered truck loads of sand and filled that place up with sand, so that even if I fell, I wouldn’t hurt myself.

He was a good man. He lived a good life.

Rest in Peace, Grandpa.

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