An autowala with a heart

I take the share(d)-auto till the train station, on my way to work. For those who are not familiar with “share-auto”, this is a larger sized auto-rickshaw that is shared by a bunch of people, each user has to pay anywhere between Rs.7 to Rs.15, depending on the distance travelled in the auto.

This one day, I was in the share-auto and couple of school kids boarded the same share-auto. They seemed like siblings to me, elder sister aged 10(approx.) and younger brother aged 8(approx). The elder sister was being the elder sister, being cutely protective of her kid brother, making sure he was comfortably seated and his appendages well inside the auto. She had the money (Rs.15) tightly clutched in one hand, lest she loses it, and their lunch bad in another.  After travelling for around 4 kms, their school arrived and the girl asked the auto-driver to stop in front of the school. He stopped and they got off. After ensuring that her brother got off safely, she extended her tightly clutched fist, with money, to the auto-driver. He smiled at her and said “No need to pay, study well!”. The girl didn’t understand why he wouldn’t take the money, and too afraid to smile back at a stranger turned walked with her brother towards the school.

I guess everyone else sitting in the auto were moved. The final stop came, everyone got off the share-auto. One guy handed the auto-driver Rs.30 and walked off. When the auto-driver stopped him to give him the change, that good Samaritan smiled and said “this is for the school kids, keep helping!”


Note for Chennai-auto victims: This auto-rickshaw I am writing about is a share-auto and not the other smaller-arrogant-no-Meter-auto with the attitude “let’s just quote a  3-digit number when a customer calls for us, irrespective of where the customer wants to go”. The latter mentioned auto guys do not have a heart, wont even grow one in the near future.

Note for those who have not experienced the Chennai-autowala behavior: Lucky you! You are blessed.

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