Alchemist – TV remote realization

An useless Saturday, which would be me watching TV instead of learning something new. I sat on the couch, watching TV, with one remote. Only one remote. That’s odd, coz on an average, we all have 3 remotes for just entertainment, right? There is one for the TV, then there is one for the DISHTV and in most houses there are even one for a home theater. That’s 3 remotes. We fortunately, only have two.

I had one in my hand, but of course, I needed the other (Murphy’s law). So I looked around, literally, just looked around to see if I’m lucky enough to find it within my reach, but it wasn’t meant to be. I got up and started searching. I went to the nearby couch,  it wasn’t there. Then the next couch, it wasn’t there. For whatever reason mothers/sisters put in the couch, those tiny pillows, and most of the time they are not well distributed. As time goes by they all end up getting piled in one of the couches. The hardest place to search for. I kept this couch to search for, last. I went through that, remote wasn’t there. As most of us do, the first search is only half-hearted lazy search, hoping to find the object easy, like going through the index of a text book. TV remote - alchemist

The next phase is the deep search, tiresome and time consuming. I went through that too – for the sake of weekend and I needed that remote. Couch by couch and cushion by cushion. Nope. And then there is the center table, you know, the piece of furniture where all the newspaper pile up, along with some notebooks and pens. Remote not to be found there as well. I gave up and went back to my initial place, the couch where I was sitting when I started the search. Surprise! The remote was right there – between the hand-rest and the cushion.

After going to “places” looking for a treasure, I found it in the place where I began my search! Isn’t that the whole Alchemist book by Paulo Coelho about?!


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