Yelagiri in a Vista D90

This year I made a resolution to do at least one trip every month. The year started with a wonderful trip to Varkala, Kerala. But this one was a pleasant surprise. Last week I saw an ad for Tata Vista D90 car on TV and I tweeted this :



Never expected a reply, but @blogadda got in touch with me and arranged for a sponsored review. So what I have to do is drive a Tata Vista D 90 and write a review about it, obviously not simultaneously, that could be fatal! 😛

I figured what better “driving around” to do than to make a trip out of this opportunity. As my good friend and trustworthy co-driver Andy has some other place to be during this weekend, unfortunately, I’m forced to take the car (naming it as Vista D 90, for obvious reasons) to some nearby place, since my other good friend Mr. @SuvishV doesn’t have experience driving but he makes a great navigator. Hence, the place I chose is closeby –  Yelagiri, in the coming weekend.

If you have been reading my blogs, you’d know Suvish is the same guy with whom I have done a lot of trips and who travels with an iPad to tweet.  THIS GUY:

This pic during our Hampi trip 🙂


Whilst I drive, he will be doing most of the tweets under the #rtrip11, if you are not on twitter, you can follow the tweets right here. You can expect a lot of scenic pics, from iPad, and the trip commentary. 

So follow us and enjoy the show.


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