Varkala and Kollam, Kerala trip – part 1

When I started out, as always, we didn’t have much clue about the destination. THAT has to change from now on, as I seem to miss out on many places due to my laziness of not checking wikitravel before embarking on a trip. Sometime I intentionally don’t read about the destination so as to have a “pure” experience of the place.

So it was for this trip too. Didn’t do much research, I just knew the destination, packed my bags and started. I had my android phone, of course with google maps and some money – that’s enough to travel, believe me.


That’s the stuff I travel with

Day 0 & 1 – 4 buses and 1 auto rickshaw to reach Varkala from Chennai

I was surprised to see that there was no direct bus from Chennai to any place in Kerala. So, I got a bus from Chennai to Tenkasi, a town in the TamilNadu-Kerala border. I reached Tenkasi by 6:50 AM – to this bus stand.


Tenkasi Bus Stand, 6:30 AM


BUS no. 2 – Tenkasi to Kottarakkara

Once there, got some biscuits and water, asked around for a bus to Kollam (a bigger town compared to Varkala). There were only two buses at the bus stand and neither were going to Kollam. But one of the buses was going to a town called Kottarakara, which is some 30 kms from Kollam. Boarded that bus and enjoyed the ride, it was shaky, bumpy and scenic 🙂


Bus from Tenkasi to Kottarakkara, Kerala


Some of the scenes on the way to Kottarakkara:

en route to kottarakara, kerala from tenkasi


Bus no.3 – Kottarakkara to Kollam (25 kms)

After an one hour drive, reached Kottarakkara and got another bus to Kollam. Reached Kollam 11:45 AM of Day 1.


Bus no.4 – Kollam to Parippally (20 kms)

One could get a bus to Varkala from Kollam (30kms), but I had to wait for another 45 mins to get that bus, so I decided to take one bus till Paripally (how did I know about this info, thanks to google maps)


To bus or not to bus – 5th

Got down at Paripally by 1 PM, HOT HOT SUN. Varkala was 12 kms from my reach. I decided not to wait for a bus and took an auti-rickshaw (tuk tuk). I asked the auto guy “how much it would cost” and he said Rs.2000, I was totally shocked and told him it’s only 12 kms (thanks to google maps :)), then he corrected himself and said “Rs.200”, I went to the next auto guy and asked him how much he would charge, he said “Rs.150”, much better, so hopped in and tukked tukked my way to Varkala.

After 17 hours of travelling I reached Varkala. Honestly, I was tired and wanted to get out of the sun, so didn’t really appreciate the beauty of the place till I checked into the resort – Eden Garden resort. After a quick shower, went for lunch to one of the many beach-view restaurants.


Day 1 Lunch at Varkala


Went back to the resort, which was next to the beach, and took a nap till 5:30 PM. Hurried to the beach to enjoy the sunset.

Varkala, Kerala - sunset

Varkala, Kerala – sunset


To be continued…

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