Movie vs Book – Life of Pi [Movie Review]

3 off 5 stars – Leaving out 2 stars as I don’t feel that movie conveyed what the book did, but giving it 3 stars for the wonderful scenes, which only Ang Lee could have pulled off and for the wonderful attempt to create Life of Pi book into a movie.

Ignorance is bliss: If you haven’t read the book, you will love this movie (perhaps, you will give 4 stars!)

Note: This movie review has No Spoilers!

life of pi movie vs book review

Any book-reader(is there any other kind of readers, you ask. There are palm readers too!) would tell you that a movie can never be as good as the  book. Be it Jurassic Park, any of the good old classics or Life of Pi (the most recent one). One main reason, books “seems” to be better is that when one reads a book, the reader has already made the movie in his mind, imagining the characters and their body languages. A movie is an outcome of such an imagination, by one man (or a bunch of people, at times I suppose!), in this case Ang Lee.

You might have already read my Life of Pi – Book review. This one is more of a movie review.

You would not want to miss even a single scene from this movie. By single scene, I really mean every scene, right from the beginning which starts with the introduction of the zoo, right till the end. Some of the scenes are breathtaking, and the 3D effect has been kept in mind by Ang Lee throughout the movie. It is a definite watch!

Having said that, even though he has tried hard to convey the story contained in 450-something pages of the book in 2 hours, he fails. Ang Lee did put in some extra characters in the movie that were not in the book, yearning for a touch of originality however small be it, but fails to tie off that knot in the end. Most of the viewers of this movie, I spoke to, didn’t even know/realize that Pi Patel was a castaway for 227 days. Also some of the details of this odyssey, as explained in the book, is definitely missing from the movie.

Every medium has it’s own drawbacks and in this movie-medium, it is the time and attention span of the viewer. Keeping the constraints in mind, I believe Ang Lee has done the best he could!

So, do not miss this movie for the beautiful scenes, but read the book for the real story!

Tip: This movie is not over, till IT IS OVER!


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