Mosquito eradication and gamification

The reason for the existence of mosquitoes, one of those unsolved mysteries in universe. All they do is spread disease, disturb our sleep, suck our blood. I don’t find any reason for its creation other than God wanting to have some fun looking at humans hitting/slapping themselves(saw this somewhere online). BTW, male mosquitoes don’t suck blood, apparently! 🙂

Recently I read an article on how the government is introducing genetically modified male mosquitoes, that upon doing what they do, makes the female mosquitoes deliver sterile eggs. What an idea, sirji! BUT why spend so much on technology and introducing mosquitoes and screwing around with their genome and all when there is GAMIFICATION!

Mosquito bats and gamification!

Mosquito bats are tennis racket sized, battery-powered devices, that electrocute mosquitoes when they come in contact with the electric mesh.

mosquito eradication and gamification

Nowadays (at least I have started noticing in the past couple of years) ‘gamification’ is becoming pretty popular. Acc. to Wikipedia:

Gamification is the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts in order to engage users and solve problems.

Fundamentally this means, let’s take an example. Users: humans, Problems: mosquitoes, game-thinking: kill the mosquitoes and earn points.

Forget the meddling with the genome, we don’t want a “Rise of Planet of Mosquitoes”. Forget the “all-outs” and “tortoises”, who needs allergies and some times smoke-alarms switching on. Simple solution would be put a counter on the mosquito bats. Put a counter on it, and sell those things in pairs – two player game!

Easiest way to engage kids or guests at home would be to hand two bats to two players and give them 10 mins to hit as many mosquitoes as possible. The score is right there! You have a winner, and a lot less mosquitoes – Gamification, BANG! – we engaged users, solved a problem!


Oh, and please don’t forget the “sign-in with facebook” button (they are everywhere nowadays) followed by a tweet/FB share buttons – “do you like to share with your friends the number of mosquitoes you killed today?” – job done!




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