The other side of Tungabhadra

There are two sides to a river, and Tungabhadra is no exception to the rule. If one side of the river is the holy city of Hampi, dotted with temples, the other side of the river can be called the “heathen” side, dotted with shacks, homestays and cafes.

Influenced more by the hippie culture, this side is filled with foreigners, safe to assume, mostly Israelite. Initially that place reminded me of Goa, but lack of beaches and the class (Goa has!) makes this an unfair comparison. In Goa, there is large Russian and Brit population  so much that some of the shop names and menus are Russian and in this “heathen side” there are shops/hotels with boards written in Hebrew.


A banner in Hebrew

It is easy to cross over to the other side – just pay the boatman. 🙂 The cost is Rs.15 per head. Apparently the motor boats do not cross over after 6 pm. So if you are stuck in one side of the river after 6 PM, you are stuck in that side of the river. But our guide told us that coracles do run after 6 and it will get costly to cross after 6 PM.

crossing the river tungabhadra, hampi

Crossing the river Tungabhadra, Hampi


Like I said, there are a lot of foreigners on the other side, and one can even call that place “little Goa”. We got off the boat and walked. There is no better mode of transportation than walking. Which is what I prefer doing whenever I really want to explore destinations.

Remember my Walk in Goa post? And I did one other walk in Kolli hills, one of my best! 🙂 So here too we three walked. We had no clue where we were headed. It was already 5 PM and we had to get to the other side to go out hotel for the night. Without a clue, we just walked…

Hampi, Karanataka, India

The other side


Hampi, Karanataka, India

images from Hampi, Travel, India. UNESCO world heritage site

Black and all the other colors! – Hammocks for sale

Took a short break for tea!

Hampi, Karanataka, India

Sat for some chai in this cute little tea shop

Then walked some more

Hampi, Karanataka, India

A restaurant


Spotted this graffiti during this walk:

graffiti in Hampi, Karanataka, India

Graffiti in Hampi

And then…

THIS HUGE SURPRISE, “The Broken Bridge”, like I said we were just taking a walk with no expectation and saw this beauty:

Hampi, Karanataka, India

The broken bridge, Hampi


The broken bridge, Hampi, Karanataka, India

Just to show you how big this structure is! – The broken bridge, Hampi

Took a lot of pics around this place. and it was 5:55 PM!

We headed back, coolly. Worst case scenario, we would have to stay on this side of the river for a night and there were so many affordable (eg. Rs.300 per night)shacks and home-stays in this side, that we were not very worried.

We headed back and caught a last boat (I suppose) at 6:15 and went to the other side.

We had our dinner at the very recommended Mango Tree Hotel, which is another wonderful place that is not to be missed if you go to Hampi! Another post on that!

If you have missed reading the story on Hampi – here it is!


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