Social media drawback – everyone “knows” but not really!

Nowadays everyone seems to know the news but not really know the news. (Thankfully IPL got over, so my timeline is no more monopolized). Recently, I heard Sanjay Joshi quit BJP, that was the “breaking news” tweet from #HT(Hindustan Times). I figured if it is breaking news, it must be really important, so I turned to my colleague and asked him, “you heard, ‘Sanjay Joshi quit’?”, he said “ya, that was coming!!”, as a matter of fact. So I figured I can learn something from him and asked “who is this fellow, Sanjay Joshi??”, Without taking his eyes of his computer monitor, he said “I don’t know, I saw a tweet somewhere”!

This is what has happened! What we know has become shallow and wide. We, most of us, know all the headlines, but no news. “Did you hear, Euro 2012 has started… which team do you support?”. Came the reply “Ya, heard about Euro, I’ve always liked Brazil, I guess I will support them.”

So please know or don’t!

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