Urgency Vs choices – a case of Swiss knife

Recently on my trip to Kolli Hills, I decided to take a walk in the hills whilst my friends were climbing down and then up a flight of 1000 stairs to get a bath. I guess different strokes for different folks. I walked for around 4 kms when I saw a fork in the road (no, I could not pick it up!), I decided to take the road less travelled. After walking for a few 100 meters, I thought I heard something in the bush. I realized I was in a forest and suddenly all the Steve Austins & Bear Grylls episodes came to mind and my mind started playing tricks on me. I started interpreting that sound as a panting leopard. I stopped right at my footstep, looked around and there was no house or human I could see. This is when I reached for my Swiss Knife.I turned around staring at the thick brushes to spot anything that was moving. It was windy and the rustle of leaves had desensitized my ears, so all I could do was look for something suspicious. As I turned I took out the Swiss knife. I stared at it for a few seconds and realized, what the hell am I going to do with 16 choices when all I want is a knife and I need it fast! I decided to give it a try. swiss knife - urgency vs choice

I randomly reached for one of those notches on the metal jutting out, and pulled out a pair of scissors! REALLY?? What good would scissors be against a wild animal attack? And the scissors are so small, even the barbers at Natural’s salon (who, BTW, cut one hair at a time) would not find them useful. I tried again and out came a file. “Oh, come on!” my mind screamed and then I tried again and got a bottle opener “hadh hai yaar!”.

By this time all fear was gone and I was focusing on pulling out a knife to defend myself (in case of an attack). Finally, I pulled out a knife. I felt brave for a few seconds, as I looked around the bushes and could find nothing moving around. Then I looked at the “knife” and it was so small that I figured I’d rather put the knife back in my pocket, this way at least any animal would find me less of a threat and might not attack me.

And I walked…



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