Miss the good old Nokia 3310

Those were good times! It’s been two months since I started thinking of getting a new mobile and I still have not made up my mind. I guess I would attribute that to the “innovations” people are coming up with which are basically just confusions for the consumer. Earlier, options were so limited, whatay bliss!


Earlier, we could just walk into a shop and say “Bhaiya, Nokia 3310 dhikhana” (Bro, show me Nokia 3310 :)) and he would give us a box and in all probability tell us that he will only break the seal off the pack if we have decided to buy. That, of course, totally defeats the possibility of having a good look at it before buying it, but what choice did we have, be it the model (almost everyone around you had it) or be it the shopping mode. We used to buy that and be content.


Now, the market is flooded with so many models of mobile phones and then came tablets and whilst we were trying to decide if one should buy a tablet or mobile, came the in-between, Tabs. Alright, let’s just assume, we have made up our mind on going with any one of those, then came the choice of OS. Earlier, OS, what OS?! Now there are so many – Android, iOS, Windows blah…

So finally I narrowed down my choices to two mobiles – Motorola Defy+ (Android) and Samsung Omnia (Windows). Two of my good friends own these, one each. I tried it and both have a good interface, touch response, UI- Windows is beautiful and Android doesn’t look bad either & its popular (more apps etc.). Then I asked a friend (@arun8gb ) who is “mobiliterate”, for a suggestion. He suggested a third mobile. Sigh! Finally I figured Motorola defy+ would be the best choice – water/dust proof, android (so more apps) etc.

And then comes Steve Wozniak saying:

“I’m kind of shocked. Every screen is much more beautiful than the same apps on Android and iPhone.”

What’s a mere mortal to do? back to square 1

Ignorance IS WAS bliss!

I am sure once I decide on a phone, the confusion should be if I should buy it from a shop or Flipkart or Sulekha Deals or desidime… endless list!




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