Vivenda Kafe – The story behind it!

This post is about the recent December Goa-trip. I wrote about my most memorable time in Goa in the “walk in Goa” post, a month ago. One of the reasons for that walk to be as memorable as it were, was the visit to Vivenda Kafe in Candolim, Goa. I almost walked past it when I saw the interiors – it was cozily lit and interiors were well done. I was thirsty and a little hungry, I decided to give it a try.


vivenda kafe


I stepped inside and surprised to see that it was run by an Italian couple. Very polite and friendly people.  I ordered for a strawberry shake and a cheese cake. There was a Russian couple sitting there and the owners were having a friendly conversation with them. My order was served and it was yummy. I took my sweet time eating the cheese cake and taking in the serenity of the place. It also has free wi-fi, in case you want to sit there and update your facebook status or tweet! 😛


vivenda  kafe


The Story of the name and the place!

As I was about to leave and asked for the check, Kurt (one of the owners) saw my camera and asked if I am a pro-photographer or was it my hobby, we started chatting and I asked him the story behind this cafe and weird name “Vivenda Kafe”. Here it is…

Since Goa has a prominent Portugal influence, the owners wanted to get a word in Portuguese that would mean “home” and that is what “Vivenda” means, it means “Villa”.

So, the next question was “why call it Kafe and not Cafe?”.

It was started by Italians (they have the map of Italia on the wall, see the first pic), Valerie and Kurt (VK), they are originally from Italy but now settled in Goa. They wanted the name of the cafe to have the same initials “V&K”, hence the name “Vivenda Kafe”.

Kurt even told me that all the chairs in the cafe had “VK” inscription on them.

The food, ambiance and the story was enough for me to make that most memorable cafe I’ve ever been to!


How do you find it?

It is on the fort Aguada road, Candolim area. From outside it looks like this

Vivenda Kafe, Candolim, goa





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