The Last day

For the last time, I walked into my office, docked my laptop, put on my headphones, checked my official mail, started typing out this post from office. Today is my last day at work in this wonderful workplace. Leaving this for another challenging new role, of course! [you don’t expect me to bare all the details out in the open!! 🙂 ].

This is the second organization I am leaving in my career. Last time I quit was in 2008. What’s common between 2008 and 2012 – Leap years! 🙂 and I am leaping from one organization to another on the leap day.

Some observations from the “leaping” experience:

  • The time you are with an organization is directly proportional to the number of people you have to inform before leaving.
  • In 2008, it was “what’s your GMail ID, we will keep in touch” and in 2012 “Will keep in touch through Facebook”.
  • If you have not hung out with a person outside your office campus or shared a lunch table, you are never gonna “keep in touch through Facebook”.
  • You will always miss out someone to whom you forgot to inform that you are leaving.
  • Take all the backup you need, your personal stuff from the laptop.
  • Clean your desk and return all those things that you “borrowed” and never gave it back! (pens, mobile charger, mouse, pen drives):)
  • Will always miss something in the check list
If I missed something important, do let me know!



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